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Rebels 8U Junkins Baseball Dominates in 1st Kid Pitch Tournament this year, Clinches Championship!

The 8U Junkins baseball team participating in their first kid pitch tournament of the year. Despite facing a tough competition, the young athletes showcased their skill and determination, securing an impressive 3-1 record over the weekend and emerging as champions.

A Bumpy Start: The tournament began with a bit of adversity for the 8U Junkins team, as they encountered their first loss in the opening game. However, the setback only fueled their determination to bounce back stronger in the subsequent matches.

A Dominant Display: Undeterred by their initial defeat, the Junkins players turned the tide in their favor, unleashing an outstanding performance over the next three games. With an incredible offensive onslaught, they outscored their opponents by a staggering 36 runs while conceding a mere 13 runs.

The Championship Showdown: Having overcome their early setback and solidifying their position in the tournament, the Junkins team found themselves facing the formidable B-45 8U team in the championship game. The Rebel's 8U team went on to win the championship game 16-6!


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