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Rebel's get Two Golden Tickets?!?!

Congratulations to Mick and Hank Smead for receiving golden tickets from their GameDay USA all-star event! Golden tickets are hand-picked by coaches at the event.

Mick and Hank will be playing down at Baseball Fest in Panama City Florida at the end of December. PROSPECT Team players will be hand selected and receive a GOLDEN TICKET invitation. Teams are managed by professional coaches, including former Major Leaguers and college coaches!

Hank Smead plays for 10U Moss. During the All-Star Event, Hank played 3rd, SS, Catcher, and Pitcher.

Mick Smead plays for 13U Lothschutz. During the All-Star Event, Mick played 1st, SS, Catcher, and Pitcher.


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