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Respect, Character, Class, a Rebel Grandparent sent an e-mail about what he observed

"Dear Mr.Verduzco, This past weekend, I had the privilege to watch your Rebel 11U baseball team play tournament ball in Rockford, Michigan. The Rebel parents and fan base saw an energetic group of young men play solid baseball. Teamwork was very evident as all players contributed to great defensive play. Hitting was solid up and down the entire lineup. The team earned their 5 wins and their championship trophy. What I saw goes deeper than a championship ring. I saw a total RESPECT for the game of baseball. I saw your Rebel Players and Coaches take knees when their opponents were injured in the field of play. I saw coaches and players have meaningful discussions with umpires in a very respectful way. I saw coaches teaching and players learning. I saw mistakes soon corrected. I saw CHARACTER throughout the entire tournament. So important with young men at an impressionable age. RESPECT, CLASS and CHARACTER defines your Rebel Organization. The game of baseball that we all love and cherish is exemplified through your organization. For this I am very grateful. Thank you, Mr. Verduzco for your active presence in today's youth. You should feel proud. I know I am. Respectfully, Tom Heintzkill"


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